Friday, December 16, 2016

#poolfact When adding a bag of salt to your pool you need to push it around the bottom of pool until it disappears or you can get staining.
#Poolfact Salt water pools have to run to make the chlorine so trying to run the pool only 2-3 hours a day will not work.
#Poolfact There are two different "sides" of the pool's circulation: the suction side from skimmer & pressure side going to return lines.
#poolfact a pool in direct sunlight all day long can have up to double the water evaporation.
#Poolfact Low calcium hardness can cause pitting of concrete pool surfaces, etching of plaster, dissolving of grout.
#poolfact pools with copper piping can't have salt systems installed as the salt will destroy the pipes.
Poolfact Cracked/broken DE filter manifold can be the cause of DE powder going into your pool causing it to look bad.